February 10th, 2010 by bryansoderlind

Dieter Humpsch is an Orlando transplant via South Africa.  He’s everyone’s favorite “Bru” so it is always a good time heading over to Lake Holden to shoot some photos and hang at his place.

It’s always fun checking out Dieter’s latest video edit before it hits the web

Watching Diets ride isn’t bad either

The back porch is a solid chill spot

Marley Man is a friendly dog, I promise

There aren’t too many other places to try out a Goodwood skate

This house knows how to throw a good party

Diet’s girlfriend Victoria likes to invite her friends over

Lake Holden

10 Responses to “A Visit to Diet’s House”

  1. Legit Says:

    Duuuude… that set up is amazing!

  2. Facebook User Says:

    There goes Schreck finding himself in a familiar place in the backyard.

  3. Schreck Says:

    even though that picture could easily happen naturally, i’d like to add that this time it was on purpose for Bear hahahaha. makes me miss living at this house and all the shenanigans involved

  4. Devon Nassif Says:

    Love that place … too many good memories there!!!! Ill be back my bru :)

  6. Matt Buys Says:

    yeah Diets hope to check that place out this year!!

  7. Facebook User Says:

    Nice set Bear.

  8. Dime piece Says:

    Yo, its da Dime Piece in da hizzy.

    Dieta is dope, his house is dope, his friends is dope, and even his dog is dope…. True….

  9. Zip Hayes Says:

    WANT! sweet brother

  10. Philip Varnhagen Says:

    HUMPY ! awesome set up dude . Its your couz from NAM dude , skype me bru Varnhooligan , schweeet china


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