February 3rd, 2010 by bryansoderlind

The Lake Nan house has been home to many a wakeskater over the years. Currently Andrew Pastura and Stu Shinn are the pros that call it home. Guys like Matt Hooker, Grant Roberts, and Dave Hanson have resided there, while many others have traveled through for extended stays on the couch.  The house continues to be home base for wakeskating, despite angry neighbors, a swine flu outbreak, and a looming foreclosure.

Someone is almost always skating out front, today it was Austin Pastura

Forgot your board and your shoes? Don’t worry there is a selection on the back porch

The living room doubles as the guest bedroom on most days

Time for a garage sale?

It’s all about Lake Nan

The dock is a good hangout spot

The dock is a good shred spot

A distinguised house guest from Anna Maria

The one rail on the lake is usually too high or too low but sometimes it’s just right

I hear those guys like to party

9 Responses to “A Visit to the Lake Nan house”

  1. Facebook User Says:

    Some say that home has two ovens in the kitchen, but only one of them works. Others say that the previous tenants used Lake Nan solely for tubing, and that there even used to be a car inside the garage. All we know is that this is the Lake Nan house…

  2. Facebook User Says:

    … and that its a training ground for crazy wakeskating.

  3. Ben Buserwini Says:

    Wild man Gordon holds it down next door ahah. Nannnn

  4. Burt Says:

    man i miss that couch…

  5. Parvo Says:

    You guys are soooo cool… with your hip music and fancy photo’s…

  6. keithlant Says:

    the amount of 17 year olds that have been slayed in that house is just mind blowing.

  7. karma Says:

    Re: the amount of 17 year olds that have been slayed in that house is just mind blowing.

    -Keith Lant, you are disgusting and f*(K’d in the head.

  8. dave Says:

    COUNTRY CLUB! more nan house accomplishments:
    – the front stoop doubles as an outdoor sleeping area after the Aquafrolics premier
    – Official site of 3rd annual Sweater Party
    – fog machines
    – home to Rolo Lugo and Yermansandthem
    – Unlimited couches
    – wifi
    – what keith said

  9. James Says:

    hahhahahaahahhahaahahaahh YES!


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