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You guys did not make it easy on us for the wakeskate portion of the Alliance Battle Royale. In fact, we couldn’t even narrow it down to three pokes from all the entries we got. We got it to four, each with something that made it stand out, and now we turn to you to vote for your favorite of the four pokes below. The battle will end on Nov 30, 2009.

Evan Gambetta

Matt Edwards

Jordan Schwaller

Leo Labadens

Which Poke Should Win?

  • Leo Labadens (36%, 206 Votes)
  • Evan Gambetta (28%, 161 Votes)
  • Matt Edwards (25%, 144 Votes)
  • Jordan Schwaller (11%, 67 Votes)

Total Voters: 578

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39 Responses to “Alliance Battle Royale: Best Poke”

  1. John Haile Says:

    All were very sick, but I’m going to have to give it to Evan.

  2. pwieland Says:

    um did anyone see leo flat water poke. give that kid a wake and hell merk everyone.

  3. Kevin Calvez Says:
    here’s mine, but i’d give it all to léo, he’s a beast!!

  4. Carl Champigny Says:

    Vote for all for leo in more he(it) is flat

  5. hic narlos Says:

    Leo! he does them switch just as good!

  6. Vince Says:

    LEO! we should do another high ollie contest! hahaha

  7. Emerson Says:

    Kev because wake!

  8. Kevin Calvez Says:

    Emerson-> i don’t get it

  9. Emerson Says:

    Kev you can compare cable and boat! take a look on the angle of the line maybe rope! whenever leo ride good! so Kev

  11. Kevin Calvez Says:

    Well, in my opinion inside out pokes using the wake are way easier that what leo is doin (which is using the pulley to get higher) without any wake… Besides he’s goin probably higher than any other inside out pokes you can see. I mean look at leo’s video again, his board is above is BUTT!!!!
    That’s just insane, i’ve tried hundreds of times to poke like that in his hometown cable, and its impossible, he has the secret…

  12. Iñaki ANitua Says:

    LEO IS THE MAN!!!!! look ENRIC DOSTA spanish ‘mierda’

  13. Emerson Says:

    c pas easier c different! gracias para the link cool

  14. Reed Hansen Says:

    Good contest but… Evan Gambetta takes it in my opinion.

  16. John Haile Says:

    I’ll give Leo the fact his butt was under the board, but I like Jordan’s and Evan’s more because I think their front knee is more locked out and their rear knee is so bent. Wheras the other guys were bending both knees more.

  17. OTT Says:

    LEO all the way!! Sorry! but that is MAD cable PeeOPP

  18. darcy swain Says:

    matt edwards fo sure

  19. darcy swain Says:

    matt edwards for sure

  20. Matt Rodgers Says:

    Matt for P.M.!!!…………..(Poke Master)

  21. Matt Rodgers Says:

    I didnt say that ^^

  22. Nick Says:

    I would have to say Evan or Jordan for sure!! Leo uses the cable too much, just tosses the board in front of him and lands off the back using the cable to pull back on.

  23. Gaspard Wake Says:

    vote for leo yessss

  25. Taboulet Wesh Says:


  26. Barbeau Caroline "WESH" Says:


  27. G.K.D. Says:

    Poke that thing Matt.

  28. Yanoch Says:

    Full for Leo !!! this is the man

  29. Sebastien Dossou Says:

    Of course LEO ,
    it’s on the FLAT it’s not the same

  30. Pish Says:

    try to do it on a cable… u gonna ride all ur life but never poke as Leo

    No way!

    I poke Leo

  31. guy bro Says:

    leo’s is super sloppy. matt edwards is all the rage, i would let him poke me anyday!

  34. The Boss Says:

    I’m not saying that whatever Leo just did was bad, but I don’t think that it was actually a poke.

    More of a frontside shifty. Plus, it never really got flat.

    Evan for sure. Legit

  35. zip Says:

    yeah matty…….sick tinnie poke…….true skate style

  36. Sergio Diaz Bernal Says:

    ouuu!! that’s sick!!!! Leo el feo could jump over me!!

    Leo totaly kills it!!!!!

  37. Facebook User Says:

    Leo FTW

  38. Eva71 Says:

    i like how 3 out of the 4 pokes were on integs

  39. Norbi Vasko Says:

    Leo! def kills it ! go get it bro!


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