February 15th, 2010 by garrettcortese

This week’s Photo Battle is a fight of the drops. An acid drop vs. a gap drop. In one photo you have Ben Horan stylish as ever at a sweet little shred spot in Alabama, doing what he does best with a winch. In the other photo you have Chris Richardson dropping a giant amount of acid (D.A.R.E. kids, no joke…) in Georgia. So now it’s up to you, the browsers of all things web, to decide which photo is the best. Cast your vote now!

Photo 1 by Sawyer Davis

Photo 2 by Ryan Dahlem

Which shot does it for you this week?

  • Ryan Dahlem's (52%, 176 Votes)
  • Sawyer Davis's (48%, 160 Votes)

Total Voters: 336

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This Alliance Photo Battle is brought to you by Liquid Force. The winner of the battle will receive a Liquid Force team vest. A new battle begins every Monday; for information on entering your own photo in the battle, go here.

16 Responses to “Alliance Photo Battle: February 15, 2010”

  1. Jeff Mathis Says:

    gotta go with sawyer for 2 reasons: 1. it looks like more set up went into making the shot rather than the other 2. he’s the coolest namedropper i know :D hahaha

  2. David Luker Says:

    I agree with the above :) Sawyer is the sh*t.

  3. David Brewbaker Says:

    I agree with the previous two gentlemen.

  4. David Brewbaker Says:

    I agree with the previous two gentlemen. ;)

  5. Krista Bre Says:

    aCiD dROp aLL the way THis tOOk tIminG gOOd THinG dAUm had a CLutCH Boat drIVer lIke myselFF haha DopE shoT oF anEnbERG tEam rIDER chRis RichardsON!!

  6. Joey Brian Jones Says:

    Sawyer for sure!! Ya Ben

  7. wakesk8az Says:

    Sawyer shot is dope. but, that acid drop takes it with the gnar award.

  8. Rhett Whatley Says:

    GC, you ned to school these cats on the rule of fifths!

    I like the acid drop…respek

  9. Darrin Says:

    Dude chris stomped the acid drop. Bigger and better pic

  10. BIG shuv Says:

    dam that dudes droppn the BIG bomb. had to go with sawyer and ben with the big shuv

  11. Zip Hayes Says:

    sawyers pic is better but i would love to have been there to see the acid drop

  12. Ty Mangus Says:

    dude ben hucked that 3 shuv like 30 feet of the gap…it was insane!

  13. chip Says:

    the acid drop is the shit, I think Krista is gonna wear out her shift key!

  14. Jason Keller Hudson Says:

    Sawyer’s shot is better…vote on the photo not the trick.

  15. WTF Says:

    LOL not one legit shot has won one of these photo battles….

  16. georgia Says:

    go back to the valley kook


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