May 17th, 2010 by garrettcortese

Photo 1 of Braden Ioi by James Mooney

Photo 2 of Clark Becker by Eli Kean

Which wakeskate photo deserves the prize?

  • James Mooney's natural winch gap (55%, 369 Votes)
  • Eli Kean's pool gap action (45%, 305 Votes)

Total Voters: 674

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This battle brought to you by Dragon. For your chance to win a gear from the mythical beast, submit your photos to the Alliance Photo Battle.

22 Responses to “Alliance Photo Battle: May 17, 2010”

  1. Patrick Wieland Says:

    Ya clark killing it!

  2. chip Says:

    No rider names?

  3. brookegeery Says:

    added, just for you Chip!

  4. Dale Says:

    Tough one this week, both are good shots

  5. Herro Prease Says:

    Hell ya Eli!!!! pool gap fo shooooooooooooo

  6. Phillip Seymour Hoffman Says:

    Those are all very nice! Eli’s first pic is my fav

  7. iman Says:

    jean shorts, cant vote for that, I like the other one better anyway.

  8. clark Says:

    they are not jeans they are cords. hahhaa

  9. simon Says:

    anyone can take Eli’s photo

    james’ is art

  10. nacki Says:

    Natrual gap FTW!!!

  11. jordy Says:

    mooney is amazing at what he does.

  12. simon Says:

    a photo needs steeeeeeze.

    eli’s photo is like watching a skier in the park with a race suit on.


  13. Eli Says:

    simon, post your work.

  14. simon Says:

    sorry cant listen to you. you can only do what simon says.

    simon says: start taking tips from mooney’s work

  15. cini Says:


  16. Jesse Says:

    Eli’s is sick.

    heads up, he’s gon win this

  17. josh Says:

    tree branches do not make something “art”

  18. Critic Says:

    @josh, no the tree branches doesn’t make it “art” but his lighting does.
    There is a wonderful mix of ambient light and strobe, if you look at the actual rider you can then dissect where his light sources were. and really the lighting is very subtle. As far as the branches concern, its just an interesting frame to an interesting shot.

  19. Dominic Says:

    natural gap is soo sick

  20. Kyle Says:

    yo James Mooney for the win

  21. Kyle Says:

    is the natural gap in lake ontario?

  22. braden Says:

    kyle it leads into lake ontario yes.


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