May 19th, 2011 by alliance
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This week amateur we bring you the NINEOHHFIVE crew shredding their secret winch park.

This week amateur we bring you the NINEOHHFIVE crew shredding their secret winch park.

19 Responses to “Amateur Hour: NINEOHHFIVE”

  1. yah Says:

    yewww! Stoked to see wakeskating on Amateur Hour!

  2. COOLguy Says:


  3. hmmm. Says:

    rad stuff! hammers off the incline!

  4. Andrew Masi Says:

    I can’t believe your knocking someone wearing a helmet. That’s like making fun of someone for riding with a life vest. People have their own opinions about wearing helmets but it should never be looked down upon.

    Sick riding that incline looked fun!

  5. Hematoma Says:

    COOLguy is a dummy. These cats are obviously smart folks and want to defend that. Oh, and apparently they rip!

  6. lovewake Says:

    Helmets and vests are definitely for faggots! It takes balls to ride without. When is this industry gonna learn that!

    These kids are really really sick though!

  7. Jeffrey Mile Says:

    is this in mississauga?

  8. broskinoski Says:

    Yo lovewake and coolguy, you guys sound like a real badasses. Why are you guys not shredding sets on Am Hour? Stay in school homies, and if your not good luck… your going to need it. Haters…

  9. max Says:

    nice riding , nice helmets too . . looks like a fun little spot

  10. COOLguy Says:

    Wearing a vest is is different than wearing a helmet, though I do not wear a vest, wearing a helmet when on the water is just sad. Those rails are so short they won’t hit their head and we all know that head slams in water are so dangerous!!

  11. mike Says:

    Ya guys, sweet shredding. Glad to see dudes wearing helmets. Keep that dome protected. The mind is such a valuable thing.

  12. Midwest Says:

    such a sweet little spot on the crick. great stuff, thanks for sharing!

  13. dood. Says:

    that shuv on shuv out was was rad. keeping sending it bros

  14. matt Says:

    sick riding!

    i love how lovewake and coolguy hate but when it comes down to it, were not watching your vid are we? gotta love posers

  15. Al Says:

    Is that on c-wall? I’m trying not to give away your spot!

  16. Zak Ott Stone Says:

    Dope video! Dope Edit, Dope riding, Dope helmets!! be safe if ya want, be a jackass if you want!

  17. Vince Says:

    yea guys! ive ripped their spot before, so much fun!

  18. Jus Rue Says:

    Repp’n 905!
    killin it dude keep it up!

  19. Awake Says:

    More importantly, fashion or life?


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