Name: Andrew Pastura
Age: 19
Home: Cincinnati, OH
Years riding: 3
Sponsors: My pops, Grides, Liquid Force
Boat, PWC or Winch? Anything that works
Wake or sliders? Rails
Film or photos? Film probably
Skateboard or wakeboard? Skateboard
Inclines or boxes? Boxes
Pool gaps or natural winching? Natural winching
Metal or rap? eww
Home or away? Home

It seems all too often in this day and age that we in the wakeskate community deal with shoddy politics, unmotivated pro riders, and a shift from the idea of having fun. Then there are people who come around like Andrew Pastura that make you forget about all that. The thing I like about Andrew is that through and through, you can tell this kid just loves to wakeskate. He rides to have fun, and in the meantime ends up landing some of the sickest technical tricks I’ve ever experienced. I honestly don’t believe Andrew has ever been in a bad mood. He stokes you out to ride through his incredible board control, smooth skateboard style, and most of all, his excitement about wakeskating. This kid excels in all areas: rails, flip tricks, wake-to-wake, cable, consistency…he’s got it all. He definitely rides more than anyone I know, and enjoys every second of it. Andrew Pastura isn’t on deck, more likely he’s in the water, smiling, and shredding his heart out.—