December 29th, 2009 by alliancewakeskate

As expected, Andrew Pastura has been up to more good. Check out this latest edit then hit up for more.

As expected, Andrew Pastura has been up to more good. Check out this latest edit then hit up for more.

23 Responses to “Andrew Pastura’s Remote”

  1. pwieland Says:


  2. The Kid Says:

    Andrew Pastura is the best wakeskater in the world.

  3. Kirby Says:

    Its your kids Marty! Your kids!

  4. Matt Rodgers Says:

    are you shitting me?

  5. Facebook User Says:

    wow… i would say more but i’m speechless

  6. zip Says:

    holy shit sticks……insane……im going to either go skating now….or kill myself

  7. James Says:

    Holy shit Andrew!

  8. Andrew DeMatos Says:

    the baddest kid in the land…hell yeah andy

  9. Gabe Says:

    Well, I quit. Nah but that was the sickest shit I’ve seen since color TV. Yessir, Andrew Pastura for President.

  11. Mish Says:

    This is why wakeskating is so much better than wakeboarding.

  12. Hive Winch Says:

    HOLLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Evan Says:

    cool beans! im diggin those switch frontside flips!

  14. T-Bone Says:

    For the love of everything dope!! I have never seen so many hammers in one clip!!!

  15. triggamike Says:

    im still tryin to pick my jaw up off the ground, amazing

  16. deano Says:

    Absolutely sickening. I’m awestruck after watching that.
    Wakeskating = progression in its rawest form.
    The cancellation of wakeboarding (and all its marketing hype and posers) has just been officially confirmed.
    You can’t buy or sell riding like that, thats dope skate skills taken to the water. keep shreddin’ mate

  17. Sawyer Davis Says:

    lawd help me… andy that was truly amazing… and it looks effortless

    p’ville wall ride in shades LOL.

    look forward to you coming back here and ripping..

  18. steve Says:

    wen i saw the title i new i was in for a suprise

  19. Ian Walton Says:


  20. BILLY Says:

    BS flip up the euro was FILTHY…

  21. keanon Says:

    what is republic?

  22. max Says:

    holy redic

  23. Steven Says:

    Hammers? This kid is dropping nuclear bombs! I can’t even believe what I just saw. I’ve been blinded by pure awesomeness


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