A while back I had the chance to hang out with skateboarding legend, Andy Macdonald, out at the Projects. If you never check the Remote blog then you may be wondering, what was Andy Macdonald doing out at the Projects? Well, he was wakeskating. It seems our version of skating now has a crossover fan.

I rode out to the Projects that day with the Remote guys (Silas, Yan, and Ben) as they were hooking Andy up with another one of their wakeskates.  He already was riding a Remote but the guys wanted to meet him and make sure he had a newer version of one of their boards.  When we got out there Andy had just finished riding and was talking to other riders who were out there that day.  He was super down to earth and SUPER stoked on wakeskating.  It turns out Andy had done a skate demo the day before in Cocoa Beach. Since he was flying out of Orlando he decided to schedule his ticket for late in the afternoon so he could spend the morning riding the Sesitec 2.0 system, something he said he would do every time he ended up in Florida.

I didn’t get a chance to see Andy ride but Pat Panakos showed me some photos from his camera and looked like Andy was picking it up pretty fast, he was front boarding the box out there and snapping some decent ollies.  Ben H. decided to take a set on the 2.0 when we got there and Andy’s eyes were glued on Ben’s riding.  He shook his head smiling and let out an “Oh Sh**!” when Ben’s first trick was a boardslide front big off the incline.  I talked to Andy and Pat for a bit while the guys were riding and Andy couldn’t seem more stoked on the sport.  He talked about how stoked he would be if San Diego ever got a cable park and told Pat how the Sesitec System is such a great idea.  I wanted to take a photo of him with his wakeskate but wasn’t sure how his board sponsor might feel about that kind of stuff but he assured me, “I don’t ride a wakeskate for a living, it’s no big deal.”

So what does this mean for wakeskating? Will more professional skaters pick up wakeskating and start throwing all sorts of new tricks? Will skate companies be will more willing to sponsor wakeskaters? That sounds like wishful thinking but one thing is for sure, the System 2.0 just got one more person stoked on the sport and that seems like a trend that is not stopping anytime soon.