Ben horan and Ben caruso

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Photo: Wieland

Bullhead City, Arizona hosted an event like no other. With sandstorms and 30mph winds, the stage was set for a show down. The event took place on the Colorado River at Riverfest. The thing about the Colorado River is that it flows around 10mph, literally. The water is chilly but very clean to the bottom. A huge turn out of pro wakeskaters converged on this little city in the middle of the desert for a showdown.

After spending 2 days of straight busting his ass, Jeff Engen finally finished the rails for the event. Without Jeff working on everything so hard nothing would of got done. The event format was simple, 2 rails made up the wakeskate winch course. A 30ft Incline and a 24ft flat bar being pulled by a winch. The extreme current made for a fun time loosing boards and riders.

A winch company out of Arizona supplied the winches, but didn’t know how to actually drive their own winches, so that just added fuel to the fire. The contest was a jam setup. Each rider took 3 passes and best pass won. Nick Taylor and Grant Roberts were a shoe in for the win until Ben Horan jumped on his board to blast out of a huge nose slide on the incline to a nose slide back 270 out on the flat bar. Ben Horan took home a 1,000 dollars for his winning run.  Ben was seen at the black jack table after the event, doubling his winnings.