August 22nd, 2011 by Patrick Wieland

We are counting down the days now. Retention is less then a week away. We welcome everyone to come watch the worlds best wakeskaters battle it out for the biggest 1st place prize in wakeskate history. The main event starts Saturday the 27th at 4pm the finals are under the lights and end at 11pm.

Here is the breakdown of professional riders and payouts:
1st $5000
2nd $2,500
3rd $1000
4th $500
5th $500
6th $500

Andrew Pastura
Austin Pastura
Ben Horan
Bret Little
Brian Grubb
Tyler Mangus
Josh Kirby
Clint Tompkins
Danny Hampson
Dieter Humpsch
George Daniels
James Balzer
Kyle Walton
Leo Labadens
Matt Hooker
Matt Manzari
Nick Taylor
Stu Shinn
Travis Doran
Yan Lecomte
Grant Roberts

There is 26 spots open for qualifying and cash that starts Friday morning at 9am. The top three go through to the main event and get paid. below is the list of riders that will battle for the three spots. The spots have been filled so if you didnt pre register you are not on the list. You can still sign up for a spot in case one of following does not make it. Good luck to the following…

Jen GilanFarr
Daniel Robins
Pierre Attruz
Bobby Regan
Russel Brightwell
Chris Mitchell
Chris Zachary
Clint Kainec
Levi Dills
David roehm
Ryan Leary
Logan Hursh
Brian Ragsdale
Lance Duffet
Andrew Fortenberry
Joe dudzinski
Steve campbell
Josh Zentmeyer
Reed Watson
Dave Hanson
Marcus Knox
Matthew Merriman
James mcguigan
Yuri lima
Alex haney

9 Responses to “Attention Retention!”

  1. Zak Ott Stone Says:


  2. max Says:

    when and where was pre registration ?? no buenoo ..

  3. TurtleLover Says:

    Why is Reed Hansen not competing?

  4. eyo Says:

    cause he likes fingerflips… duhhhhh

  5. Bill Braskey Says:

    The world champion is sitting one out I guess. But seriously I’m betting he has a prior engagement.

  6. steveP Says:

    eyo- reed is the man. can’t wait until defy comes out and you can see what reed just put down. you’ll gag on the finger he flips his board with!

  7. Matt Merriman Says:

    so ledge then gap is how its set up now? thats pretty legit

  8. Kyle Says:

    Not going to lie, that looks like an amazing setup. Good luck everyone.

  9. Rob Corum Says:

    I saw Reed’s name on the Telekom Extreme Playgrounds rider list.


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