September 18th, 2011 by alliancewakeskate

Go along with Austin Pastura.

Go along with Austin Pastura.

9 Responses to “Austin Pastura Is Pro”

  1. LOL Says:

    Pro? Who’s paying him, his parents?

  2. hm Says:

    this should get as many comments as nosia vision.. but it wont..

  3. max nelson Says:

    hell mutha fuckin yeah

  4. ?? Says:

    the water monsters skate looks like the remote shape ?

  5. jarred Says:

    its silly heads…

  6. Midwest Says:

    I love that stunt on that round pipe in the river. so sick! Congrats Austin!

  7. Ben Wilcox Says:

    Ballsey ender for suuuure.

  8. Steven Says:

    @LOL- I think they are talking about him getting a pro model board with his name on it numb nuts…. Quit hatin.

    Awesome riding in this video! So pro… That kickflip/ backside flip/ switch front big was not what I would (or could) call advanced riding… Or shuvs down huge rapids either LOL

  9. Eli Kean Says:

    The back lip at 1:00 is unreal. wow.

    Always a pleasure to watch the Pastura boys ride.


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