November 1st, 2012 by Submitted

Left Coast LF ripper and all around good kid Austin Polterock shows his skills both behind the boat and on the rails.

18 Responses to “Amateur Hour: Austin Polterock”

  1. Wakesports crew Says:

    Ya Austin!

  2. izac Says:

    This kids such a joke

  3. Jake Says:

    Good w2w style

  4. hmm Says:

    WTF is Boardwarrior?

  5. Drew Says: is a video uploading site just like Vimeo or YouTube but 100% just for board sport videos!! U should check it out!

  6. Chad Says:

    if you have a list of sponsers at the start of your video are you really an am?

  7. hmm Says:

    @Drew, awesome, I’ll tell my mom and dad about it. Maybe they can help me get one of those energy drink sponsors.

  8. Ben Says:

    Way to kill it Austin! Congrats on winning the AM tour!

  9. Brad Arnold Says:

    There are not very many “professional” wakeskaters out there “Chad”. Pros get PAID for what they do… ams get swag.

  10. TA Says:

    not one flip trick? am?

  11. johnson Says:

    dude sick trophies! and riding tights! sponsors love that swag

  12. fvckit Says:

    i thought flip tricks was a must to make it on alliance haha, guess I’m going to have to start video taping every surface 180 i do and string it together with a few 3 shuvs call it a day, but at least you got the w2w not many skaters even bother anymore

  13. helloyaaa Says:

    Someone should sponsor a $10,000 pot for first to submit a vid of a grabbed roll (flip) on a wakeskate like volcom did first to kick flip a surf board a while back

  14. Jeff Says:

    helloyaaa, I’ll put $20 into that pot…

  15. reed Says:

    yeah austin! cool to have you with wakesports now

  16. Jon T Says:


  17. Nick tay Says:


  18. chip sanders Says:

    Its your world AP!!


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