We had big plans to do an extensive and conclusive handle review, subjecting handles from various manufacturers to grueling tests and scrutinizing reviewers. But after riding them all, we suddenly realized, a handle is a handle. Sure, there are minute differences in width, weight and flotation, but we’re not the Mythbusters here, so our tests weren’t going to actually determine anything. Here’s what we did figure out:

The Straightline A.R.i. handle is cool because you can replace the bars and add on a T wrap if you want, without changing the length of the rope. The Byerly EVA Handle and Liquid Force Skinny handle are slightly smaller, so depending on your hand size might be easier to hold to. The LF Team handle is the only one with a triangle grip, which is the preference of super-tester Silas Thurman. The Accurate Voodoo ARS was the only one that really felt dramatically different in hand, with a smaller-ribbed rubber grip and significantly wider bar. Finally, the Gator Vertigo EVA handle floated really well and came in a sweet color scheme. But pretty much handles come down to a personal choice of what feels best to you and any of these will connect you to the rope and boat and we’re just gonna fill you in on what the manufacturers have to say.

Since we’ve failed on the test though, we figured out a good way to make it up to you. All of these handles are just sitting in our office, so we’re going to give away one a week until they are all gone. To win, all you have to do is send an email to brooke@alliancewake.com with your name, address and five creative, hilarious and amazing uses for your old handle. Winners will be selected each Wednesday based on originality, creativity, and the ones we overall like best. If they all suck then we’ll choose at random, but make ‘em good for pete’s sake. You can enter once per week, but your ideas have to be different…

Now without further adieu:

Straightline A.R.i. Featherweight Handle
MSRP: $69.99 handle
$16.99 bars only

The short loop system of this handle is designed so that riders can add a T or V wrap 3′ handle if and when they need it, and can subsequently take it off if they don’t want to ride with it that day. The SL mainlines use a 3′ section so that riders can stay at a consistent riding length no matter which setup they are using. It’s kind of techy, but a really useful feature for those that like wrap handles.

Liquid Force Skinny Handle
MSRP $69.99

An intricate web of traction will have your hands stuck to this high performance soft EVA grip. A thinner profile was preferred by many of our team riders and is ideal for riders with smaller hands. The aluminum handle is filled with foam to keep it floating and in sight.

– 5mm Spyder Grip
– 15″ aluminum foam filled handle
– spectra line

Liquid Force Team Handle
MSRP $69.99 or $139.99 combo

The boxcar grip of the team handle has been a top seller in the LF line for many years. The grooved EVA anatomical grips lock your fingers into place and won’t let them go. The pattern fits your palm and the bend of your fingers to lock in with little effort. The softer EVA durometer is more comfortable and is a fan favorite as it molds with every use.

– 5mm Boxcar Grip
– 15″ aluminum foam filled handle
*available with t-bar handle
*available in a combo with dragon line

Accurate Voodoo ARS Handle
MSRP: $65

20% thicker EVA for those who prefer a bigger grip
_ Softer/thicker seamless EVA grip
_ ARS (Anti-Roll System) equipped
_ 15” length offered in straight or “T” options

Byerly EVA Handle
MSRP: $65

The inventor of the machined EVA grip wanted it just that way. Sometimes less is more.
_ 3mm die cut EVA
_ Diamond pattern thermal formed EVA grip
_ EVA surface sanded for added grip texture
_ 15” length offered in “T” or straight options

Gator Vertigo EVA Molded Handle
MSRP: $70

The Vertigo handle is a 15″ handle with Gator logos molded into a EVA grip. The rope that matches the handle is an 80ft, 4 loop coated spectra white rope.


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