Backside threes are one of my favorite tricks to do on a skate because you can really take your time and float them. When you do a good one you can just feel like yeah that was sick. Before you can get this trick you should have bs 180s on lock.

1. Cut in with a mellow progressive cut, and ride all the way up the wake without leaving early.

2. When you leave the wake wait one fraction of a second and then start turning backside.

3. You want to think about passing the handle under your butt, also you want to point your toes down to keep the board to your feet and show off all your sponsors of course.

4. Right around here is when you wanna start bringing your head totally to your lead shoulder to spot your landing. Make sure you got that handle though.

5. Keep spotting your landing while trying to keep the rope tension tight.

6. Try and keep the handle low and to your hips unlike mine,

7. Stomp that shit and ride away. also be sure to look at everyone in the boat like I am.

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