Backside big spins are one of my favorite tricks. They are real fun to do and there’s a lot of ways you can do it. They are also fun if you are about to do a switch tricks, it’s a good way to get set up.

Frame 1
Edge in, hold a hard edge up to the wake and when you are about 1 foot away from it, flatten off. When you flatten off it seems like you are doing in in the flats but the wake will give you more pop.

Frame 2
Push off your back foot and scoop the tail up like you’re doing a three shuv As you leave the water and start to pop keep watching the board and turn slightly backside with your body.

Frame 3
Keep the board right under you. At this point your body should be almost looking opposite from the boat, you should have turned about 90 degrees with your body. Start to think about catching the board.

Frame 4
Make sure with the handle in close to your hip so your center of gravity says the same, start to widen your feet and watch the board to catch it.

Frame 5
Once you’ve caught the board and it’s on your feet, from here’s it pretty much a backside 180. Make sure you turn fully 180 and get your weight on your switch front food and on your toes, otherwise you’ll slip back.

Frame 6
Make sure as you’re landing your weight is even and your handle always stays at your hip whether you catch it in the air or as you land.

Frame 7
Hold on to the handle and ride away clean.


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