When you combine the right people, the right gear, and a lot of heart you end up with a photo album like the one from this weekend.  It was by far my favorite beach winching trip yet…and I didn’t even strap up, just drove.

We had actually planned to head to Alabama for the weekend but had a quick change due to weather.  Florida’s forecast looked alright so we figured why not hit the beach for a few hours then head to McCormicks for a full day of rails?

We drove from ATL in my 2 door Yukon loaded up with 5 wakeboards, 4 wakeskates, enough bags to block my entire view with the rearview mirrow, a 12 gauge winch, 5 people and a puppy.  We headed to Valdosta for the night and left the next morning adding 2 more people, a Distortion winch and another vehicle…this is what I meant by the right gear, nothing was holding us back.

So we had an evening of winching in Clearwater, unharassed by the po po, and some great seafood to end a great day.

I would elaborate more but the pictures really do that for me…enjoy.– Chris Moore