It’s arguably one of the most talked about photo’s in the this years Photo Annual, and with good reason. The obvious first impressions are as follows: “Wow. What? Did he land it?” The answers to these questions are below along with everything else you need to know. We hate to spoil supper, but the answers are “yes,” “yes,” and “yes.”

From Andrew:

We ended up randomly finding this barge docking pillar that was bent over on a boat cruise one day last summer off the Ohio River. Walton spotted it from a distance and after we waxed it up and took a bolt off the middle it was ready to hit that day. Kyle, Austin, and Dave Hanson all got a bunch of tricks on it the first day. I ended up trying boardslide kickflip 15 or 20 times before I gave up. We came back a day or two later with Aaron and Roland and luckily got a good one within 10 tries or so. The footage will be in our first Water Monsters video titled Human Rocket along with clips from the rest of the team hitting the pipe.


From Roland:

What was meant to be a cruise day on Angelo’s boat turned out to be an insane opportunity to hit a very unique grindable. Kyle Walton happened to eagle eye this gem from a distance and after a little maintenance it was ready. From what we could figure out it was most likely a broken off barge piece that conveniently angled into a perfect incline over time. A few others had hit the beast then Andrew thought he’d try to kickflip off it. It didn’t take too long before it was landed.

This photo was taken with a Nikon D700 using an 80-200mm lens from the top of the boat’s tower anchored a few yards away. I also managed to shoot a few 35mm frames closer up with a wide lens. Ultimately this was our favorite frame of the batch. We shot there a few times but by the third day the water level was so high it wasn’t worth hitting anymore. The camera settings were 1/3200 at f4. As far as I know the footage can be seen jokingly on my phone and more professionally in the upcoming Water Monsters movie tentatively titled Human Rocket: Fully Torqued.