Name: Ben Kaiser
Age: 13
Home: Orlando, FL
Years riding: 2
Sponsors: Parents
Boat, Winch or PWC: Boat
Wake or Rails: Rails
Film or photos: Film
Wakeboard or skateboard: Wakeskate
Vest or no vest: Vest
Television or movies: Movies
Rap or Metal: Everything
Home or Away: Home

It’s amazing how fast wakeskating is progressing. New tricks are being landed all the time, and the kids are getting younger and younger. Some of the guys pushing the sport are maybe fifteen or sixteen. But Ben Kaiser is only 13 years old.

When we started coaching Ben a year ago his best trick was a three shuv. And in that short amount of time, we've seen him land tricks like kickflip, varial flip, frontside flip, wake-to-wake 3's, shuv indys, and the list keeps going. Ben is definitely one of the fastest learners we've seen. The first time we ever told him to try a varial flip he almost rode away from it and it was windy and rough out. He can go out on the boat and throw his board around like a skate deck on the trampoline. And he’s even taken his skills to the podium at some pro contests. Did we mention he’s only 13? At this rate he’s definitely on the right track to have a good career ahead of him.