Dodge cow patties in Idaho with Gabe Paulson.

This spot is like a run-off pond in Boise from the foothills just outside of town. It is a place right in town where we are putting rails to winch. It is sanitary but the whole place is about waist deep and the bottom is about a foot deep of soft black sediment that has a bit of a sulfuric smell to it. When we first went there and started building, a little WT frog and lizard collector kid, who collects bullfrogs from the pond and raises them, came down. We asked him if he had ever swam in the pond before. He replied in his WT slack jaw talk, “yeah.” Then I asked, “was it cool?” Little kid, “no.” Me, “why?” Little kid, “cuz it’s shit.” It could very believably be shit, but I assure you it’s not.. Also, The bullfrogs in this place are like foot long and sound like cows… All right, so the place is beginning to sound a bit strange, what of it? Moving on.

So the second day we hit it, the boy’s father comes haulin” ass along the high bank next to the pond in his first-ever-edition Ford Explorer, gets out, and cracks a tall boy. The dude looks like a haggard ass Angus Young from AC/DC. He yells out, “Y’aint landinnat shit cuz y’aint got no Skinnard! He then turns up the stock Explorer stereo volume to maximum rock and proceeds to slam his tall boy while throwing up a pair of metal horns. So if you can handle the sediment (shit) filled bottom, monster steroid bullfrogs, and whiskey tango, then you might just call this a spot.


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