Photo: Aaron Reed

Trick:  Frontside Wallride
Location:  Wimberley, Texas
Date:  09/20/07
Temp:  It’s Texas, it was nice.

Man I have been sitting on this shot for a long time, waiting, wanting, needing.  I just needed some sort of controversy to erupt between Bear and Brooke, and my plan could finally come to fruition.  After last week’s escapade I thought to myself, “she would pay you anything now, just to spite Bear.”  And so finally I release Bret’s masterpiece, the highest grossing Monday cover to date.  Eat that Bear.

Gabe Lucas told us of this broken bridge spot he had found on the bountiful Blanco river just outside of a sleepy little town called Wimberley Texas.  Gabe had only seen the spot while driving over a bridge, so we decided to go check it out.  Upon further investigation, we realized that the landing was a bit hairy.  Not only was it ankle deep and stone, but it also had about ten inch wide grooves, some up to 3 feet deep, which had been slowly worn out by mother nature over the years.  If you really want to get an idea of how unsettling this landing is, go check the spot out.  The bridge has since been torn out, but check the river bottom, you’ll understand.

After Gabe slayed the rock wall on his wakeboard, I assumed we would call it a day.  But Bret decided those last few minutes of Texas sunset should never go to waste.  I thought he was crazy, but he slid the thing over and over, and every time earned a collective sigh of relief from the rest of us as he rode away unscathed.  Bret was the last person I saw hit this spot before it was shut down, but not necessarily for good.  The bridge has been removed, but a concrete ledge still remains on each side, waiting for a little rain, and some Texas sized courage.