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Harley Clifford Wins Men’s Pro at MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour Ft. Worth, Nicola Butler Claims Women’s Pro   

Ft. Worth, Tx. – In front of a crowd of thousands, the final day of the MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour concluded with an action packed day of riding from the sport’s top athletes. The top performance of the day came from Harley Clifford, who dazzled the spectators at Texas MasterCraft by landing the first ever wake-to-wake double flip in a contest to claim first place in the Men’s Pro division.

Giving Clifford a run for his money were, Phillip Soven and Rusty Malinoski, who also put in inspired efforts to claim second and third placerespectively and keep pace in the season standings race.

“So much sick riding went down today, I’m excited to come away with the win,” said Clifford. “The whole event was great and I can’t wait for Branson next week.”

The Women’s pro division is also shaping up to be a tight race this season. In a highly competitive final heat, Nicola Butler went just a little bigger than the rest of the field to claim victory. Solid runs also came from Meagan Ethell and Amber Wing who join Butler on the podium.

The ultra-competitive MasterCraft Junior Pro Tour gave the crowd a glimpse of the future of the sport and also determined a winner today.  Mike Dowdy won his second consecutive Overton’s Junior Pro Series event by edging out Massi Piffaretti with a final round score of 91.50.

Following the MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour divisional heats, fans were treated to the jaw-dropping Sony Big Air Contest.  Being pulled behind the new XStar, the top Men’s Pro athletes stuck gravity-defying tricks that are rarely pulled off in a traditional contest setting. The performance of the event came from Chad Sharpe who took first place.

For more information on the MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour, please visit: KingofWake.com

The MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour, presented by ROCKSTAR is organized by World Sports & Marketing of Orlando, Fla., and has the support of the following sponsors: MasterCraft, Rockstar Energy Drink, Overton’s, Indmar, Peavey, Billabong, Hyperlite, CWB, Ronix, Liquid Force, Byerly, Oakley, Sayiwon’t, Epiphone and TransWorld WAKEBOARDING magazine.

MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour Day Two Results

Men’s Pro – Quarterfinals Heat 1

1.      Adam Errington          70.00

2.      Tony Carroll                65.00

3.      Jimmy Lariche 60.00

4.      Danny Thollander       51.67

Men’s Pro – Quarterfinals Heat 2

1.      Andrew Adkison        78.33

2.      Aaron Rathy               71.67

3.      Shota Tezuka              63.33

4.      Nick Jones                   56.67

Men’s Pro – Quarterfinals Heat 3

1.      Phillip Soven               75.00

2.      Daniel Powers             65.00

3.      JD Webb                     63.33

4.      Chad Sharpe               51.67

Men’s Pro – Quarterfinals Heat 4

1.      Dan Smith                   75.00

2.      Rusty Malinoski          70.67

3.      Austin Hair                 66.67

4.      Kyle Rattray               36.67

Junior Pro Men – Semifinals Heat 1

1.      Massi Piffaretti           98.00

2.      Keenan Allen              83.25

3.      Christian Primrose       81.50

4.      Parker Siegele             77.25

Junior Pro Men – Semifinals Heat 2

1.      Noah Flegel                 93.00

2.      Jacob Valdez               91.50

3.      Tony Iacconi               81.25

4.      Landon Kasey             74.25

Junior Pro Men – Semifinals Heat 3

1.      Mike Dowdy               98.00

2.      Freddie Wayne           90.50

3.      Marc Kroon                 81.50

4.      Jason Soven                70.00

Pro Men – Semifinals Heat 1

1.      Phillip Soven               80.00

2.      Rusty Malinoski          75.00

3.      Andrew Adkison        65.00

4.      Daniel Powers             60.00

5.      Tony Carroll                50.00

Pro Men – Semifinals Heat 2

1.      Harley Clifford           95.00

2.      Aaron Rathy               90.00

3.      Dean Smith                 85.00

4.      Steel Lafferty              80.00

5.      Adam Errington          40.00

Junior Pro Men Finals

1.      Mike Dowdy               91.50

2.      Massi Piffaretti           85.50

3.      Freddie Wayne           80.00

4.      Noah Flegel                 69.50

5.      Jacob Valdez               61.75

6.      Kennan Allen              61.25

Women’s Pro Finals

1.      Nicola Butler               78.33

2.      Meagan Ethell             73.33

3.      Amber Wing               66.67

4.      Raimi Merritt              61.67

5.      Dallas Friday               53.33

6.      Taylor McCullough     41.67

Men’s Pro Finals

1.      Harley Clifford           95.00

2.      Phillip Soven               89.17

3.      Rusty Malinoski          80.83

4.      Dean Smith                 76.67

5.      Aaron Rathy               67.67

6.      Andrew Adkison        55.00

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