April 19th, 2013 by Submitted

The Boys are having a good O’l time, thank’s To Reed Hanson’s famous water hole, “Battle Fall’s”. More videos to come from Battle Fall’s.

Video from Byerly2012

5 Responses to “Byerly Team – Target Practice”

  1. Two Eyes Says:

    Man… BT should stop trying to make videos… His editing is almost as bad as his v.flips… Maybe Scott should call up those guys at the Party Edit Crew to make a video!

  2. tom doran Says:

    umMm GEorgeEee killing it!!!!!

  3. Pete Says:

    What was so bad about that edit? I don’t even like skatin and I thought it was kinda cool. Bunch of old saggy balls tryin to show grant what’s up. Bret little for prez

  4. al Says:

    byerly is 40 and still pulling hardflips damn

  5. Riley Says:

    I thought it was dope

    No more saying the sport is young, The godfather is 40 and still killin it!


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