BY Adam Aslanian

Byerly’s annual Halloween party was last night, and it was a blast as always. I mean when you cram a bunch of dressed up dude bro’s (and gals) in a bar and throw a dance party, how could you go wrong, Unfortunately, there was no teaser to the next volume video this year, but it went pretty unnoticed as everyone was too busy breaking it down to care. Bt was killing it on the 1’s and 2’s while Balzer grabbed the mic, and in typical fashion mc’d a costume contest. I am not sure who won it, but between Soderlind dressed like a hobo, pushing a shopping cart around the bar all night, and Nick V dressed up as a box of French fries (or maybe he was frylock, not sure) I was pretty much in tears. Here are some pictures of the night so you can see all these wonderful costumes for yourself….


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