Name: Chris Kallas
Age: 18
Home: Gold Coast, Australia
Years riding: 4
Sponsors: Liquid Force, Reef, Dragon, DW’s Dejavu
Boat, PWC or Winch? Boat
Wake or sliders? Wake
Film or photos? Film and J’s Photo’s
Skateboard or wakeboard? Wakeskate
Inclines  or  boxes? Both
Pool gaps or natural  winching? Kakadu over everything
Metal or rap? Both
Home or away? I like to be away from everything, but home is good
Down under or Up Over?  Both have good memories
Dinghy or Wakeboard boat? Tinnie with my boys

The first time I met Chris Kallas was over on Clear Lake where he stays with some fellow Aussies.  After shooting with Chris O and Scotty Broome one morning, Chris got out on his wakeskate and absolutely killed it.  Every lip trick you could think of on his first run. After that he landed 5 3-flips in a row, no lie.  He said he kept wanting to get a bigger one and I was just freaking out cause I hadn’t even seen someone do that trick on the lip.  Chris is a cool, laidback guy that definitely lets his riding do the talking. He’s been riding a lot on Lake Jessamine lately with Grubb and BT and all those guys are on fire right now.  I think we will all be hearing a lot about Chris in 2009– Bryan Soderlind


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