Age: 17
Hometown: Houston TX, AKA Screwston.
Years Riding: 3 1/2 years.
Stance: Goofy
Sponsors: Anarchy, Helium, Lucky Devil Designs, & Defiant Wakeskates.
Favorite Spot: The Dirty Bayou in Northeast Houston… simply amazing.
Boat or PWC?: I always enjoy a boat session, but PWC is where it’s at.
Cable or Winch?: Winching.
Wake or Rails?: Rails.
Film or Photos?: They’re both so beautiful, but I would have to say film for sure.
Skateboard or Surf?: Skateboard.
Home or Away?: I like checking out new spots in different places, so away no doubt.
Paper or Plastic?: I’m all about that Paper.
Metal or Rap?: That’s not even a real question, I’m a rapper myself, so rap.
Country or Reggae?: I love Reggae music.

Collin Gee is an eighteen-year-old shredder out of Houston, Texas, whose name you need to remember.  This dude is down to make stuff happen and it will always be with a smile on his face.  Collin is an all around positive dude with an amazing eagerness to be on the water at all times.  I first met him at last year’s Toe Jam stop in Texas, and was right away stoked on how funny he is and the great vibes he constantly pumps into the atmosphere — not to mention his wakeskating is right on the money.  If I could say one thing about Collin’s riding right now, it would be “potential,” but that is definitely not to say that Collin isn’t already shredding his heart out.  It should come as no surprise to any one riding with him to see reentry varials, flats frontside flips, and his newly acquired 360 flip.  Luckily for us Collin isn’t the kind of guy to just go out and learn all his flip tricks and forget the rest; this dude’s style is one of the “pop, catch, stomp” mentality.  He is easily one of the most stylish riders I’ve seen, even among the top pros.  Collin just went on his first winch trip ever, filming among the likes of Nick Taylor and Clint Tompkins for the upcoming film, Fun Boots!  His first time ever winching he was stomping shoves down a five-footer. Not to mention he was a good sport for letting us pick on him the whole week.  Collin is blowing up and making a name for himself in Texas, but even that state isn’t big enough to hold this kid back! — David Hanson

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