March 12th, 2011 by alliancewakeskate

Daniel Grant is one smooth cat. Check out this little edit from Brandon Thomas of Daniel shredding at CWC.

Daniel Grant is one smooth cat. Check out this little edit from Brandon Thomas of Daniel shredding at CWC.

16 Responses to “Daniel Grant Raw”

  2. ha Says:

    such a lame edit

  3. positivism Says:

    ^ if you don’t have anything good to say, then don’t say it. No one wants to here your lame opinion. you obviously can’t read three letters… R A W. What a mook! don’t hate cuz you can’t ride foo!

    nice riding daniel! you steezy mo f*cka!

  4. Brad Says:

    daaaaaamn son! kid rips

  5. You aren't my mom Says:

    I agree, lame edit.. Comment will be deleted because Alliance can’t take the heat.

  6. yoo Says:

    That was dope nasttty

  7. Drop top Says:

    It wasn’t meant to be a Sick Edit. Just one solid shot showing that Daniel Grant is consisten.

  8. love Says:

    there are so few of us really into this sport how can someone already be hating. some kids are so spoiled by other peoples videos, if you can do better go make it and lets see. go grab your board get your riding buddy and go shred and forget about the videos on the internet. you can watch a million videos but not a single one of them is like actually being out there walking on water. ride for fun

  9. Midwest Says:

    I like watching that turtle ride. I was hoping he was going to do his famous upside down turtle roll over thing. That’s my favorite stunt of his. Thanks for sharing.

  11. David Grant Says:

    BT Love the Vid, RAW as it should be. It’s all about the fun. As Dan’s dad I appreciate your support, good to see he’s eating his breakfast too :) Were planning to shoot something at his school next week, there’s a strong chance we get permission to use at least one of the swimming pools there, so hopefully the new winch will be getting used. Have some city riding coming up soon which is a Rip Curl sponsored event, right in the centre of Bangkok.

  12. dennis Says:

    Wow dam little rug rats just commin up hard these days. let me see some wakeboard footy of him.

  13. daddy Says:

    nice set i liked the raw/no edit makes me want to shred some cable

  14. COOLguy Says:


  15. Buster Woodham Says:

    dope vid, Im glad the edit was RAW. If it wasnt raw it probably would have been released maybe never, so good timing noetheless. Effortless looking front-bigger at 1:20, those who thought it was lame probably never noticed that tho… Props to all the people actually getting out there and producing content for this site, keep up the good work.

  16. GH Says:

    sick, nice job BT.


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