By Justin Forrest

This spot (or not) is located deep in south Orlando’s suburbia.  Wait, what? Another spot in Orlando? Indeed sir or ma’am there is. You’d think that everything would be found by now… but these little buggers are lurking everywhere, down creeks, off lakes and ponds, check under your pillow… you might just find a new spot (or not).

I had heard all about this gap, found by the late Andrew Krause, from friends and hadn’t had a chance to hit it until recently.  So the sunday after expo was closing down Mr. Hanson, Ben Horan, Brooke and myself creeped our way over to this little gem.

Nestled within a lush oasis laden with lilies, bullfrogs, and water dragons you will find the Deer Creek gap.  Parking here is perfect, you aren’t in anybody’s yard so there’s an instant plus.  Upon arrival to said spot (or not), do not be deterred by the houses lining
the entire span of the creek, the homeowners are actually pretty rad.  You have to walk through their backyards to get to the gap so respect them.  Don’t run through there leaving a trail of beer cans while teaching Mrs. Kirkpatrick’s 3 year old son a new vocabulary and you will be rewarded with a hearty day of winching.

The spot itself is pretty immaculate as far as shredding goes.  No real hazards to worry about.  As i mentioned before, there are water dragons… well… one water dragon.  Rupert, as I have come to know him lives a life of solace in Deer Creek and at 3 ft. long he’s not posing a threat to anybody.   The walk out is kind of a pain, having to get the rope over and around these metal barriers, warning of the consequences one may suffer as a result of walking on the dam.  The takeoff and landing are surprisingly deep, so you can focus less on falling right, and more on sticking your trick.

So Riding up to the gap, you are looking at about a 4-5 foot drop, and about a 5 foot gap. There are two hubba like structures protruding about 5 feet from the dam that would not be nice  to fall into, but make a great obstacle for doing stuff over.  Easily doable at 20+ mph.  The water was a little low on the particular afternoon we went, so the lilypads covered pretty much all of the takeoff.That aside this Spot (or not) is pretty much Perfect.


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