October 13th, 2012 by Submitted



Check out Dieter Humpsch sticking the first ever Kickflip Front Lip down Battle Falls. See more insane bangers in Noisia Vision now available for purchase.


9 Responses to “Dieter Humpsch First Kickflip Front Lip”

  1. johnny Says:

    holy fuckin shit

  2. Jeff Says:

    That’s rather impressive.

  3. burt Says:

    Chea bru!

  4. beni Says:

    that front angle. dam! hell yeah!

  5. ryan Says:

    Yeah diets!

  6. bro Says:

    yea… and noisia vision is a sick movie, buy it

  7. jamie Says:

    Dieter is one of my new favorite riders. I thought his section in noisia vision was sick…this is insane. Nice work dieter!

  8. phil good Says:

    You’re the best diets !

  9. D Nassif Says:

    Lekker Diets my BRU!!!


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