Appanrently Wikipedia got smart and realized that neither Wendy from Wendy's nor Mcdonalds actually make wakeskates. That was a risk we took basing our DVS Wilson Giveaway a site anyone can change! But if you entered after those important details we're taken out, never fear, you were still eligible. 

After our random drawing, a pair of Wilson 4's are on their way to Auburn, AL. Congratulations to Jessica Jacquay. Good job on your internet research! 

The correct answers were:

1. What is one of the "unique slang terms" used by wakeskaters?

Wakeskaters, like wakeboarders and skateboarders, have their own unique terms such as different names for tricks or general slang: "Take me for a tow" "Give me a pull" "I want to go for a rip 'n ride" "pull me now" <–that's what she said

2. Who does Wikipedia credit as the "forefather" of wakeskating? of the forefathers of wakeskating, Thomas Horrell

3. What was the first company dedicated specifically to wakeskating?

Fresh Water Traction

4. What year did Cassette enter the market?


5. What is Cassette's demise attributed to?

Cassette's demise is attributed to a few years of poor production due to manufacturing errors. Many wakeskates during this time were not properly laminated and were made using a non-waterproof glue; causing the boards to absorb water and causing the the boards to become warped and weak. Cassette's savior idea, the bi-level wakeskate, was not immune to these setbacks. While Cassette's design is regarded as one of the best bi-levels among hard core riders, delamination issues were experienced with the first batch of top decks. This put the company in a tough position with warranties.

6. Which fast food chains also apparently sell wakeskates?

McDonalds & Wendy from Wendy's

7. Why has wakeskating become more "urbanized?"

Wakeskating, has in recent times become more and more urbanized due to the advent of the "winch." 

We've got more shoes to giveaway so stay tuned!