By Alex Galazaka

F.B.A.G. (pronounced F-Bag)
Stuart, Florida

Located in the absolute middle of nowhere, the F.B.A.G. is the most perfect winch location with almost-zero bust factor. What is F.B.A.G. you say? Well after Mike Barrett of NEW Wakeskates landed the first trick down it, that being a gnarly shuv indy, we all asked him what should we name it? His immediate response was: F-ing Big A$$ Gap. So it stuck.

The F.B.A.G. is actually a cow pasture run off canal covered in lily pads, which drains into the beautiful St. Lucie River. The winch placement spot could not be more perfect. After the drop there is a 60-or-so foot landing pool and then a big sandbar, where you put the winch. One slightly sketchy thing though — the landing is about a six-to-eight feet deep, and you can get a few cuts and scrapes from the cider bricks at the bottom.

But besides the cinder bricks and a few staph infections the spot is a winchers dream! The starting water is endless and completely glassy, and only thing to worry about is some friendly gators and cow patties floating around up there. One session we got there around noon and stayed ‘til sunset without being kicked out or sketched out. Over all it was one of the best winching experiences I have had so far and I can not wait to go back. So if you’re in the Stuart area and up for a perfectly set up gap and not afraid of a little cow crap, then F.B.A.G. is the place for you.


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