August 28th, 2013 by Josh Palma

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Memory of riding: Landing my very first shove-it on Lake Whippoorwill with Lindy Winter and a group of friends!


Wakeskate: Hyperlite Gate


Sponsor: Hyperlite


Car: Chevy S10


Trip to the emergency room: Broken arm thanks to Michael Monaco


CD: Hanson

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Magazine appearance: The 2nd Boarding School ad with my brother, fighting in front of a school bus


Trick you start a set with: Switch front 3


Roommate in Florida: Sam Langley


Cablepark you ever rode: Orlando Water sports Complex


Pro you rode with: Shaun Murray


Girlfriend: Amanda Kinslow


Autograph you signed: Lake Murray in South Carolina during a “Rough Riders” event


Wakeskate vessel: 1994 Seadoo…named her Reba




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  1. John Jeffries Says:

    Hey who’s that big guy in the middle shot :)


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