Danny Hampson: Bubble boy / chumbawamba lover / Chrysler enthusiast. 


First car: 1998 Chrysler LX mini van that my grandma gave me when I was 17. I miss that thing the lx stood for luxury you know!


First magazine appearance:

January 2003 cover of Alliance I think that Joey Meddock shot of me down in the keys. I think before that I had a stalefish shot that was named someone else and the Sfuamto ads where the team was standing but that was my first real shot. Thanks Joey and thanks Alliance!


First time you met Thomas Horrell:

At Surf Expo in 2002 I remember I was wearing a Sublime shirt because for some reason I thought he would like that and couldn’t really talk when I met him. He knew I was coming but didn’t give me a time to meet him so I circled the Lf booth for two days sweating.


First board you ever rode:

I rode a kneeboard when I was really little and then I got up on a skurfer as a really little kid but only did it once and went back to the kneeboard for a couple more great years. I had a ninja turtles skateboard when I was like three too.


Danny ripping a 3 shuv on a throwback foam-top at Alliance’s Hippie Jump


First trip to the emergency room:

When I was three I got really sick and couldn’t breathe. The doctors thought their was something seriously wrong with me so they put me in this air tent like bubble boy for two days. Luckily I was alright and just have weird memories from the bubble.


First invert you’ve done wakeskating:

Heelside Backroll no grab into the flats. Proper edging and utilization of load and release creates momentum to keep the board on your feet. It’s whatever…


First CD you ever bought:

I think it might it was Chumbawamba and I got it at Kmart and me and my friend Kyle only listened to that “I Get Knocked Down” song for weeks.


Film trip for wakeskating:

On my fifteenth birthday fiilming for Sfumato in Miami.


First beer/cigarette:

Way to young. Don’t drink or smoke kids you don’t have to quit if you don’t start.


First Autograph:

Somehow my Dad got me this autographed head shot made out to me of the old Miami Dolphins kicker Pete Stoyanovich. Check out the pic! My friends make fun of me for it.



First wakeskate video you owned:

Man the only one their was then was Linear Perspective but the first video that I owned that had wakeskating in it I guess was Mayday.


First time you met Aaron Reed:

At The Wakeboard Camp when I was 14 I and heard a tap on my cabin door….


First girl you fell in love with:

I guess the girl on that Nickelodeon show where she can turn into water I think the show was called Alex Mac?


First contest you won:

Detroit Pro Tour 2003 in the heart of the glory days.


First time you realized your brother was going to be stronger than you:

When he was six and had a six pack I knew he was going to be better then me at everything he did.


First tattoo:

I.M.B. in some kind of scipt on my ribs when I was 19, totally bad ass I know…My brother got his the same day when he was 15 so he is way harder than me!!


First home away from home:

Woodlands Apartment Complex in some random area of Orlando when I was 18. Luckily Ross Gardner and Joey Northrup lived down the street and I started hanging out with those guys cause it was a weird place.