Stuart, FL

Once upon a time this spot was discovered by Sir Aaron Reed as he enjoyed fishing for Gar there as a young lad.  As the fabled legend goes, Aaron would befriend a Renaissance Man by the name of Sir Thomas Horrell, who at the time had the one and only winch in the world.  Aaron, Thomas, and their band of esteemed cohorts visited the spot one crisp sunny day only  to find their magical rope winding up machine had some mechanical spell cast upon it. The gap was never hit. Years later, on a trip around the state that was to be a great Alliance tale, Aaron decided it was time to visit the spot that never was. This time the visit was with a more sterling machine and an equally dashing young crew of gentlemen. With the tide being high, making the bottom landing just right to hit, the merry comrades sessioned the years dormant gap under the watchful eyes of various Laundry-Mat employees and a wizard named Richard.  At high noon a Knight from the highest court in the Stuart countryside showed up and disbanded the jovial legion forcing the young men to continue on their crusade. And they all lived happily ever after. The End…

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