Andrew is going to walk you through a frontside 360. He did this one switch heelside from the inside out, (you can learn it regular) but the fundamentals are the same however you’d like to do it. And once you figure this one out, you can mix it up toe side, heelside, wake to wake, you name it!


Step 1: take the same edge you would for 180’s and hold it all the way through your cut


step 2: start your pop holding on with 2 hands


step 3: let go with your front hand and start spinning frontside


step 4: turn your head in the direction your spinning and use your front foot to pull the front of your board around


step 5:start to spot your landing and start thinking about getting the handle with your other hand.


step 6:pass the handle and keep your shoulders squared over your board


step 7: keep a little wait over your toes so you don’t over rotate and slip out.


step 8: try to stop yourself from over rotating by stopping your head because your body spins with your head 😉


step 9: ride away clean! One way to add some style when you get this trick on lock is to grab it mute 😀 Happy Wakeskating!


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