I can’t really begin to count the number of fountains just like this one. Prominently displayed in a public place. Smooth water, ample run up and run out, just begging to be skated. I’ve stood around many of them with people talking about hitting them. Deciding when would be the best time, and how we’d quickly escape. But mostly it’s just been talk. No one wants to risk the trespassing ticket, or worse, just to get the shot, (let’s be honest, fountains like this are really only hit when a camera is there, it’s not like you are going to get an all-day session with your friends.) Sometimes though, you just have to barge it.

Such was the case with this fountain in Gainesville, Fl. It came to our attention via a post on Wakeskating.com by Jeff Knox. He posted pictures of a perfect 8-foot drop waiting to be shredded. So when a recent trip brought myself, Reed Hansen, Matt Manzari and Ryan Lemons through Gainseville, it was time.

Again there was the discussion of the best time to hit it, but that was going nowhere fast. The decision was made: here and now. The fountain is surrounded by 8-foot walls with another few-foot tall fence surrounding the entire thing. The fence made the perfect winch restraint, and the bricks of the walls were almost like a ladder to climb out of. It was meant to be.

Reed went first and ollied it first try. But after one or two tries we got our first warning. Keep in mind it was a weekday, mid afternoon, so this was no surprise. A fireman from the adjacent station came out to give us a friendly warning. Apparently we were supposed to be playing in the fountain! Who knew! He didn’t kick us out though. But after a few more tries the real authorities came and our session was over.

So to my knowledge the only thing that’s ever been landed down this gap is an ollie. Yeah, it wasn’t exactly a progressive session, but we did it, and well, that’s what matters.


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