April 27th, 2010 by Patrick Wieland
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Bret Little came into town the other day so I thought it would be sweet to get him out at The Projects on the System 2.0 for a little video. George Daniels also came out and totally destroyed the park.

Bret Little came into town the other day so I thought it would be sweet to get him out at The Projects on the System 2.0 for a little video. George Daniels also came out and totally destroyed the park.

32 Responses to “George Daniels and Bret Little 2.0”

  1. what!? Says:

    Another day of sick riding, and another horriable edit/film job. Alliance give the readers what they want…

  2. Chris hau Says:

    That was awesome! GD getting back in the game.

  3. pwieland Says:

    GD is killling it. This was done in a short set on the cable.

  4. hater! Says:

    These boys kill it. To much flashy shit in the edinting

  5. David Lollar Says:

    BS Flip off the incline?!?!?!?! Fucking Crazy!!!!

  6. Andrew Masi Says:

    Yeah george! killing it! to much in the edit.

  7. kirby Says:

    i wonder if everyone would still hate if pwieland wasn’t listed as the filmer?

  8. TylerG Says:

    Sick set and Wieland, you’re getting good with that hvx and editing. You should start thinking of a video soon brothuh!

  9. I have lisp Says:

    I think the haters think that they are making some difference but it’s only pwieland who is making the difference. Ya Wieland your stuff is doper then anyone else wack wakeksating videos. Kids talk about wakeskating being legit this video is legit as it gets and wakeskaters are hating on their only actual website that covers their “legit” sport

  10. Patrick Wieland Says:

    your my hero kirby. I liked this video. It was Neat.

    Tylerg- Shooting with the 5dmk2 now. no more hvx :(

  11. Matt Hayden Says:

    people who dont like the editing. go do it yourself!!! keep doin your thing patrick, looks sick!!!

  12. TylerG Says:

    Whoa what happend to the hvx?

  13. pwieland Says:

    Upgraded from the hvx to the 5d some might say downgraded but we will see!

  14. OTT Says:


  15. hater Says:

    George and Bret kill it. George was the first to lay down the bs flip and its so bad ass to see him now doing them off rails.

    people are complaining because this website is for professional quality videos and pics of professional riders.

    the people that defend patrick say to post your own videos. but why would we? we arent “professional” filmers/photographers shooting pros. we are just your average rider having fun not trying to make a living off wakeskating, unlike patrick.
    people will stop complaining if patrick just steps it up.

  16. pwieland Says:

    Help me? Maybe a helicopter? Maybe 3d?

  17. wakemitch Says:

    Patrick, I was digging this video and enjoyed it. Like I said on wakeworld, I can see you improving with each of your videos and that great. but people are going to give you a hard time because of how hard you sell yourself, especially when you first started. But really I think people are fed up with the wakeskate content alliance puts up. its a major outlet to get wakeskating to the masses, but it doesnt take advantage of its position. Its just so sad how backwards wakeskating has been moving mediawise. online mag, to wakeskate blog, to wakeboard/wakeskate blog. It seems wakeskating is getting bigger and the sport is progressing, but the media is holding it back. i mean come on, kiteboarding has 3 magazines.

  18. wakemitch Says:

    im only talking about the online content.

    the actual magazine is amazing, and is always top notch.

  19. pwieland Says:

    I would have to say that http://www.alliancewake.com is the best it has ever been. As much as wakeskating wants to be its own enterprise it cant hurt to be on the same website as its once brethren. The amount of views that wakeskating videos have been getting since the new site launch has doubled since the alliancewakeskate.com being its own site.

    The media is here to document the sport and help it as much as possible but it cant drive the sport in any certain direction. Wakeskating will keep growing with or without 3 magazines.

    If I never posted on wakeskating.com 3 years ago I highly doubt that there would be any hate… The personal vendettas that some people still have for me is fine. I know who doesn’t like me who do. Im here for the long run and I think i have proven that. Ill keep filming wakeskating and wakeboarding as long as I keep having fun and thats what these great sports are all about in the end is the fun that we all have.

  20. john Says:


  21. Vance Collins Says:

    What do you hate so much about the videos wakemitch? Tricks? Filming? Music?

  22. Reeder Says:

    Dirty Cracka ur using the 5D to the fullest!!!! sick video and skating!

  24. Garrett West Says:

    love this song!!! whatsup with this player it takes forever to load, can yall change that?

  25. triggamike Says:

    just imagine how much better brett’s crooks and blunts would have looked if you would have gotten a closer shot of the water instead of getting artsy on the turns with the grass in more focus than him… but hey i don’t film that much and that jus an opinion that the bandwagon junkies will try and flame in a second

    killer riding burt and gd is shreddin hard

  26. Bandwagon Says:

    Maybe that’s as far as his lens would zoom mike

  28. deathtohaters Says:

    hmmm needs more bluegrass but the riding was sick!

  29. pwieland Says:

    ya mike. sorry about that. Im poor and dont have a telephoto lens yet.. Soon though!

  30. brookegeery Says:

    Sorry about the player! We are definitely aware and working to fix it, if you guys would all stop watching the videos so much it would be way faster :)

  31. MarioC. Says:

    I really liked the edit even thoUgh the dirtykracka did it. j/k Daniels killin it!

  32. greg Says:

    who is the artist of the song i love it


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