November 13th, 2012 by alliancewakeskate


George Daniels has rode down many roads in Wakeskating but one thing stays true, he’s been killing it on a wakeskate since the early years and is still killing it today. Its been fun working with George over the last couple months on this video. He always has something funny to say and his bails are by far some of the best. He can easily hit a flat bar and then jump right behind the boat, his all around style is just fun to watch. Hope you enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed making it.

Big thanks to Scott Byerly, Brandon Thomas, OWC and Andrew Fortenberry for their help along the way.

Video by: Patrick Wieland

11 Responses to “George Daniels The Modern Day Cowboy”

  1. bret nowell Says:

    Great Video Patrick. So good.

  2. James Says:

    Sick, one of my favorite riders fo show…

  3. BB Says:

    Good stuff.

  4. The Spangler Says:

    Smooth wake to wake kickflip!

  5. hmm. Says:

    This is a great edit, but after putting out full parts like these don’t complain that the full length DVD is gone..

  6. Dustin Says:

    Best section I have seen in a while nice work both of you. George you EFFIN stud.

  7. beni Says:

    w2w kicky was sick GD

  8. Shel Shock Says:


  9. boosie Says:

    steezy combo 2:40

  10. Mikey Says:

    That W2W Kickflip at 2:50 was text book! So smooth

  11. mike Says:

    so sick! song?


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