Billabong’s much anticipated movie Out of the Pond premiered in Orlando on Saturday night. It just happened to cooincide with the one week a year that the Florida weather is perfect, so it couldn’t have been held in a better location than the outdoor Lake Eola Ampitheatre. The crowd gathered to find free chips and salsa from Chipotle and beats from none other than DJ Drop Top.

When it finally got dark the lights went down and the action started. Brian Grubb has the opener, which included an acid drop that will definitely leave you scratching your head as to how exactly he landed it. From there though, the wakeskating was non-existent (literally.) Amazing angles and filming persisted (thanks to Matt Staker), but if you aren’t interested in strapping in, well, it was easy to lose interest. Over all it was a well-made video, but as far as wakeskating goes, buy Fun Boots! instead.

After the video, the party moved to the Sky Bar for more DJ Drop top, free Red Bull cocktails, and what Tony Smith called the “Wakeiest Party, ever.” Good times were had by all, and Out of the Pond is definitely worth checking out at least once.


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