Jen Gilanfarr’s Gnar Board, 2, passed away on Wednesday, June 4th, 2008 while riding on Lake Pearl in Orlando, FL. An inside out kickflip attempt spelled the demise of this great friend, when it splintered and broke upon landing.

Gnar Board came into this world as a 2006 Melissa Marquardt 41. It originally belonged to Stef Tor, but was purchased by Jen for $20 in August 2007. After a new paint and grip tape job, Gnar Board was first ridden by Jen on Lake Conway.

Over it’s life, Gnar Board saw Jen learn almost every trick she knows, including wake to wake 180s, w2w shuvs, rentry shuvs, body varials and many variations there in. The custom paint job didn’t hold up as well as the board itself though.

Gnar Board is survived by a torn pair of Volcom shorts, some beat up slip-on Classics, an old O’neill vest someone left at Odub and Jen Gilanfarr. Funeral service will be an open viewing of the framed board on Jen’s wall.


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