So im sitting here right now in Ben Horan’s kitchen, looking back on what has been quite the eventful day.  Hooker and myself arrived here around 1:30 this afternoon after getting horribly lost of course, and were immediately informed of the madness that has been going down here of late.  This pool gap is pretty much perfect to say the least and, well, let me have Ben tell you everything that has been landed, cause you probably won’t believe it.


Ben: Here is a list of everything that has gone down so far, in order…


Pool Gap

  1. Backside 180
  2. Kickflip’s
  3. Front Shuv
  4. Varial Flip
  5. 36o Flip’S
  6. Naked Ollies
  7. Frontside Flip’s
  8. SWITCH Frontside Flip (Reed who else)
  9. Heel flip 
  10. Front Big’s
  11. Switch front big
  12. 3 Shuv 



1. Front Board Back Big out

2. Noseslide

3. Noselide shuv

4. Back Tail

5. Front Nose

6. KickFlip backside boardslide


Ben says “All it takes is a simple pool gap, maybe now people will learn to stop building roller coaster pool gaps. And if anyone wants to film some of this action, maybe try showing up tomorrow cause none of this has been captured on film yet.”