Back by popular demand, it’s the instagram battle. Sure you’re asking yourself “why don’t I just look at the pictures on Reed’s instagram profile instead?” Well I’ll tell you why, because here at alliance-wake we cut out all the bullshit. It’s like the “best of” edition so you don’t have to spend hours weeding through all the BS. Think of it like the time you went to youtube to try and find that hilarious video you saw forever ago but now you can’t find it because it’s lost in the crowd of crap re-make’s and young kids commenting about it as if they are talk show hosts. Get it? I knew you would…


So here it is, the best of the best from Reed himself, ready for you to pick a winner. Just like before, the winning photo will go up against 5 other winners in the ultimate championship.


Photo 1 – I found this little guy in the storage compartment of my jet ski as I went to put my phone inside. Most people think it’s a water mocassin but it’s actually a banded water snake. However, I let the comments roll on instagram as if it was a mocassin so that way I would look like cooler. Haha. 99 % of the time people say they found / killed a water mocassin it’s usually a banded water snake. They’re easily confused but the difference is that the water mocassin’s are fatter and darker (almost black) and EXTREMELY mean.



Photo 2 – This is a shot of Dieter filming Ben Horan riding at his home gap in Nahunta, GA. As you may or may not notice Ben is being pulled by Matt Manzarri on my 110cc dirt bike. We were sort of bored and really just curious to see if the bike could tow us… It could. Ben hit a back big first try.



Photo 3 – This was a photo from the other morning I woke up around 10 o’clock and my mom told me she had seen a bunch of pigs earlier that morning just across the lake, so as soon as I looked across (through my scope of coarse)  they all popped out of the bushes. There were 16 wild boars. Most of them were 30-40 pounds with one monster around 100 pounds. I fancy a good boar hunt so I made my way across the lake with a bow and arrow and took one down. Mmmm Mmmm goood.



Photo 4 – I caught this snake at Dieter’s place about a week ago. Dieter was laying out a big pile of bricks for a pool gap and said he had been seeing a bunch of snakes in the process, so I walked towards the bricks and sure enough there he was just waiting for me. It was a corn snake. I’ve always been into reptiles and other creatures, so much so that every opportunity I got when I was a kid in school I would either do reports on wakeboarding or snakes. Haha.



Photo 5 – This is one of my first instagram pics I ever posted. We were at radar lake and I thought it would be super funny to get the photo of Ruck peing, but Adam was standing dangerously close and  though I was taking a photo of him (oblivious to the fact that Ruck was right behind him), so I just went with the flow, and then Danny popped into the frame as well. The lighting is super crazy because we were standing next to a huge rail covered in white pvc board, so it must have acted as a bounce. It was totally not what I had planned, but turned into a priceless moment captured in time. Way to go team!



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