January 13th, 2010 by bryansoderlind


Over the past few years I’ve had the chance to visit a lot of professional waker’s homes. Everyone has their own unique setup so consider this a new semi-regular feature where I show you a little bit more than just riding photos.


BT with Emma and Nina

George Daniels can be a common sight over at Grubb’s


Grubb’s shirt collection is like a work of art


Kallas is usually a regular visitor when he’s in town


Late night DJ sessions with BT are always a good time


New rails are always showing up around the lake


There is almost always a calm spot somewhere on Lake Jessamine

4 Responses to “A Visit to Grubb’s House”

  1. sk82destroy Says:

    gd’s shiffty is huge!

  2. pwieland Says:

    jessamine will treat you good.

  3. OTT Says:

    Was Grubb gone when this happened?

  4. BILLY Says:

    thats not grubbs house


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