by Zak Stone

If you don’t know how to drive a boat, ask a friend first, don’t listen to me. If you do know how to drive a boat listen up, I will try my best to give some good tips that will help. If your friends don’t ride well, they will blame you, so lets make sure they can only blame themselves.

First look for the flat water.
It hides close to shore where the wind is coming from. So you’ve found the best water, now you wanna make sure you keep heading that way. Try driving in straight lines. If your bro falls, stop the boat first and make a slow turn so you don’t send rollers down the path. (If on a river this is a must, you’ll mess up your water and everyone else.)

Making speed adjustments. Try to feather the throttle slowly, no herky jerky motions here. It helps to take your boat for a spin and play with the throttle and steering. It’s fun and you learn how your girl handles.

Ok wake shape.
You as the boat driver must give the rider the best wake to bust their tricks on. So, first make sure your boat is balanced weight-wise. Tell your passengers to move around so that you don’t see any white wash on the wake. If it’s balanced but it still isn’t right, there’re more you can do. Mike Ferraro told me to turn the boat towards the rider a little bit. Don’t keep it turning the whole time, just when they cut out to edge back in. Also if you have someone going wake 2 wake, turn the boat to the side they land on with help give them just enough slack to make it. (Or turn the other way and pull the slack or line out to make them crash, which is kinda fun!)

Well, this is the best of what I can give at this time, Just remember you don’t have brakes so when parking or picking up a rider make sure you move slow and in control.


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