Wakeskating is all about having fun right? Wrong, it is about getting sponsored. Getting that fat check every month, making the Monday cover, and having message board kids think you are cool. Sponsorship has perks: super hot babes (or dudes), free travel (hopefully), and more money than an unemployed person could hope to earn in a month. Can you smell the glory? I sure can, so let’s discuss how to get you on the level.
The easiest way to get “hooked-up” is to be a minority in the sponsorship world, a.k.a. women. Maybe tricks aren’t your thing? Doesn't matter, no one will be watching you anyway. Just go wakeskating and chances are you will get sponsored. Also ladies, if you can be as good as the men were 4 or 5 years ago, you can be a super star. You will have the ability to collect huge paychecks and oh, wait, never mind this is wakeskating. At best you’ll get an extra fifty dollars a month.

Back to the guys! Go have Daddy purchase a MasterCraft XStar or something even more expensive. If your boat doesn’t successfully drain the world's oil supply and Daddy’s wallet, it won’t get you sponsored. To be sponsored your gear needs to be as cool as your boat, go out and buy the coolest gear you can. Look good, ride good, fake it ‘til you make it! Now that you are turning and burning on the coolest gear, with the freshest boat, sponsorship is just around the corner. Start filming your hottest moves, and also make sure to put energy into lifestyle shots. Build a rail in a puddle and learn every trick imaginable, you won’t be able to do them when your friends ask but who cares right?

For the finishing touches enter every contest you can. If you were born with a boring name, lie and create a new one — marketability is key. If you blow the contest tell everyone you only ride whatever isn’t there and that you are out of your element. That will leave some credibility to your fake name. Eventually this will pay off (SPONSORSHIP), and you will have the coolest collection of gear that doesn't fit but is almost completely free.

Why did you want to be sponsored again? Oh right, for the less than minimum wage monthly check, the occasional gear, and the inability to ever get the gear you actually want. At least the message board kids will worship you.