June 21st, 2008 by admin

I was talking to Frye on iChat this morning and he told me he messed up his arm. here is his story…

I went down on a back big yesterday behind the ski and fell forwards putting my back arm through the handle up to my arm pit. At first I didn't notice anything then it hit me and I started screaming for the ski to come back. I managed to pull myself onto the ski and just started wandering back to the house while my roomate dealt with the ski and thankfully my neighbor was outside and we left for the urgent care center. I couldn't find my wallet though so we were driving everywhere with my arm just all different colors and my bicep and forearm muscles hanging in clumps at my elbow and wrist. I went into the gas station and asked if I left it there and the guy was like freaking out cause of my arm. Finally we just said forget it and went to an urgent care center where we got turned away because I had no ID. We finally made it to the ER and after a couple of painful hours got let it, got x-rays and a diagnostic. I tore some things in my shoulder, all the muscles in my arm and broke my wrist. I have a soft cast on until the swelling goes down so they can check the muscles and see if they need to do anything with it or just cast the wrist. I was supposed to go to the Philippines for worlds on the 1st of July and now I can't make it. Supposed to be out for 10 weeks.

Good luck on a speedy recovery Frye!!!

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