Get to know Ohio’s own, Jake Ramsdell

Age: 14
Home: Chippewa Lake, OH
Years Riding: 5
Sponsors: Grandparents
Boat, PWC, or Winch?: Boat
Wake or Sliders: Wake
Film or Photos: Photos
Skateboard or Wakeboard: Skate
Inclines or Boxes: Boxes
Pool Gaps or Natural: Natural
Metal or Rap: Metal
Home or Away: Home

Jake Ramsdell has been shreddin’ since the first day he hit the water at 6 years old. A long time skateboarder, Jake naturally gravitated to wakeskating soon after he learned how to ski. Actually, he is a child of show skiing, so most of his time is consumed with show practice in the summer, but he always seems to find time to thrash the gnar on his bi-level when he is not enslaved to the masters of show skiing. Last summer Jake found some time to slip away to a few competitions, placing first at the INT nationals and USA Waterski wakeskate nationals,not bad for his first year! Jake’s favorite trick is his frontside bigspin but he is also a pretty big fan of kickflips (I just watched him land a wake to wake kickflip yesterday). The bottom line is… if you ever get the chance to watch this kid ride, you better watch out because he will blow your mind.

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