Photo: Yan Lecomte

Date: March 8, 2009
Location: Smythe Park, Toronto, ON
Air temp: 4°C (39°F)
Water temp: uuuuuuuuuuh dont ask.

I got the call to go winching/filming in Toronto with Jono Boysen last week. We met with Yan Lecomte on his bike, who came to shoot photos.  We’d checked out the Smythe park drop, which was running too fast, but it was flooded enough that we could wallride the concrete siding further down stream. Jono took a few hits, almost taking out my feet in the process. Yan was able to get a ton of good snaps  even though the light wasn’t being very great, and this was one of them. As usual with these types of things, once we took everything back to the cars and started to dry off and the sun poked out for the rest of the evening.

Since you can see my ugly mug in this shot, I shouldn’t have to tell you to be looking for the video soon. Very soon!– VW