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Remote Wakeskates Josh Zentmeyer walks us through a day in Groveland, Florida. Work, skate, wakeskate, finish work, wakeskate, and more skating. Not a bad day.

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5 Responses to “Josh Zentmeyer in Groveland”

  1. rayfink Says:

    it seems like alot of wakeskater’s have a really good work ethic, weird

  3. Brandon Says:

    I would not quite your day job bud! I swear this was on the wakeskatemag website before it was on this site. These guys must be struggling for wakeskate content! Wake boarding I heard is really going downhill these days. #sametricks20yearsstrong

  4. cliff Says:


  5. Man the fuck up Says:

    “We don’t call 911″ ya u call ur mommy and daddy. It’s douche bags like this that r going to ruin wakeskating. Along with the egotistical shmucks that think they run wakeskating, but can’t even ride one. All these fagets r about is themselves.


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