Name: Justin Forrest
Age: 20
Home: Winter Haven, FL
Years riding: 3
Sponsors: Gator Board Shop, Verge Wakeskates
Boat, PWC or Winch? Winch… its the only way to wakeskate!
Wake or sliders? Sliders
Film or photos? Film
Skateboard or wakeboard? Skateboard
Inclines or boxes? Boxes
Pool gaps or natural winching? All Natural
Metal or rap? Salsa
Home or away? Home is where its at… but nothing beats a good trip!
Trampoline or mini ramp? Mini Tramp
Orange Juice or Yeungling? Viva Vitamin C
Buccaneers or Devil Rays? Buccaneers!
Boss vs. Trip: Mr. Nasty
Beer Head vs. Ice Face: The Champ
Subzero vs. Scorpion: Subzero – flawless victory

There is so much good to be said about Justin Forrest, a man who truly enjoys wakeskating.  Fate is the reason Justin and I met. When Justin purchased a winch from a good buddy of mine, Ben Caruso, he wanted to know all there was to know about the winching lifestyle. Ben suggested to Justin that he give me a visit and the rest as they say is history.

From that point on we rode fairly often together and with every set I took with Justin I noticed a couple key things. The first was his progression. This kid was riddled with consistency and blessed with a clean style. Being a well-rounded rider is an important trait to separate yourself from the crowd and Justin’s riding dabbles into just about all aspects. His bag of tricks ranges from proper lock-in techniques to techie switch flip tricks. He even learned the illusive “Camel Flip” pioneered by none other than David Hanson. The second and more important key to his riding was his genuine zest for wanting to ride anytime and anywhere. Sure the novelty of owning a winch soon wears thin, but Justin managed to keep himself busy by always hunting for new spots thanks to an assortment of online tools. It was absurdly impressive to see how many new spots Justin would find daily and not just Orlando hot spots either, he was finding gaps and drops all over Florida.

Riding aside, Justin is a great friend and always laughs at my jokes. For this I am greatly appreciative and will spare no expense to make a weird noise purely for his enjoyment. As for the world of competitive carpet skating I am pleased to say that Justin and I are pretty much the faces of modern progression, and that belt will not be taken anytime soon. Justin Forrest, Nick Dauzat and I are in the process of creating a project entitled “Justin the Nick of Time” which features photos and footage of crispy fresh skate wake trends and outlooks. Look for it to drop way, way after everyone has forgotten about FUN BOOTS!

Justin was born to shred and shred he shall.


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